Jose Manuel Lozano Mingorance

Head of Operation

Linked to transport management from a young age due to the family business, Jose began his professional career in logistics in the field of SAP. With more than 20 years of experience in logistics solutions, he focused his career on the new SAP SCM / TM solutions since 2008, being the forerunner of it in Spain and Latam.

Jose Manuel has developed his professional career in management and leadership positions in companies such as Neoris and Novigo, being a founding partner of the latter in Spain. He also has extensive experience in technology and manufacturing companies, such as Indra and Cosentino. All this has allowed him to participate in most of the SAP TM projects carried out in Spain and Latam.

Currently, as head of Operations, he focuses his efforts on the strategy and positioning of the company, generating value in the market.

He loves mountain sports and his family.